Hope: Why the Fund is needed

If you suffer from infertility, and if you cannot afford medical treatments, you will not be able to have children.

This is the unfair reality of our present health care systems in Western Canada. In response to this reproductive discrimination, the Generations of Hope Fertility Assistance Fund was developed in 2005 through the efforts of the staff at the Regional Fertility Program (RFP) in Calgary along with a dedicated group of patient volunteers.

The Fund was developed to put the hope of having a child within reach of all families, irrespective of their income.

The success of the Fund has been no less than amazing. It has become an important tool for the staff at RFP to make treatment available to deserving patients who would otherwise not be able to undergo In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or other fertility treatment.

Prior to the inception of the Fund, RFP did what it could. But the number of "compassionate" funded IVF cycles that were possible were limited. Now many more deserving patients are able to access treatment through grants from the Fund. Many babies have been born and there are many on the way.

Generations of Hope also increases awareness of infertility and, in this mandate, has been very successful. As a result of our success in Calgary, other clinics across Canada are developing similar initiatives to assist patients.

In addition, the general population and governments are more aware of infertility and the devastating effects it has on individuals, couples and families. A powerful lobby comprised of patients and professionals has developed over the last five years that we hope will eventually succeed in persuading our government that funding fertility treatments is the "right and smart thing to do".

Children born to infertile families today will become the leaders and taxpayers of the future and infertile patients with limited financial resources must not be excluded.

What you can do to help

Show your understanding and support. If you know someone facing the challenge of infertility - and if they are open with you about it - show your understanding and support. Let them know they are not alone and that their challenge is not unusual. There is help available. Direct them to this website, to the stories of those of us who have faced the same, heartbreaking challenge.

If they are sensitive about the issue, be equally sensitive and avoid asking too many questions or suggesting courses of action. In many cultures, infertility is a taboo subject and an issue fraught with judgment, so be especially discreet in your support.

If you know someone for whom IVF treatment is out of reach financially, consider whether you can help them yourself financially. The reward could be a child whose very existence is a result of your generosity. Alternatively, encourage them to get a referral to a fertility clinic by their doctor and to apply for assistance for treatment through the clinic or related fund.

Make a Donation.
With your support, it's our goal to put the hope for a child within reach for as many people as possible.