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Images of Hope

Images of Hope is an annual fundraising event and exhibition featuring photographs of and stories about In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) conceived children and their families. Images of Hope is in support of and is a volunteer-run initiative of the Generations of Hope Fertility Assistance Fund. All photography is original and is courtesy of the many professional photographers who donate their time and talents.

We are so grateful for the support we receive from a community of selfless and compassionate people. 

Hope has many volunteers

Images of Hope is a large undertaking and takes many months to plan, organize and implement. Each year, a core group of volunteers takes on the task, recruits many other volunteers, and ensures that everything is in place for a successful event.

We cannot express our thanks more deeply to all those who have been involved and who devoted so much of their personal time and energy to Images of Hope. It is a success because of you.

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Hope has many faces

Images of Hope is the premier annual fundraising event for Generations of Hope.

Conceived and coordinated by volunteers, Images of Hope is an exhibition of professional photographs of, and stories about, IVF-conceived children and their families.

Each year, a new group of families who have undergone treatment at the Regional Fertility Program volunteer to be the subject of professional photography portraits and to tell their stories of their journeys through infertility, treatment and hopefully, success.

All photography is courtesy of the many professional photographers who generously donate their time and talents.

The fundraiser is an evening event and features a catered dinner with games, entertainment, and silent and live auctions.

Images of Hope gives a unique glimpse into the lives of those who have been through the emotional and financial toll that accompanies not being able to have a child naturally.

Our talented volunteer photographers frame this emotion with beautiful images of beautiful children. We then read the family's story and, for a brief moment, are brought into the lives of those who have been through a very unique journey, a journey most don't have to travel.

The images show us that it is possible through assisted reproduction (In Vitro Fertilization) for dreams to come true, for hopes to be fulfilled.

Over the past few years, Images of Hope has become a key and successful fundraising event for Generations of Hope. But it's become more than just that. Images of Hope has evolved into an important and anticipated annual gathering of the many people in our city who care about creating the hope for a child for others.

Our very special thanks to all of the families who have so generously agreed to participate in Images of Hope and to tell their stories so that others can know that everyone deserves the hope to have a child of their own.